Turan Yel Chef de Cuisine | Ahmet Ridvan Ciner Restaurant Manager

Nestled on the shores of a scenic peninsula, Maxx Royal Bodrum offers an unparalleled dining experience at its esteemed Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Spago.

Featuring an exquisite selection of dishes crafted by Wolfgang Puck himself, including iconic favorites such as the Salmon Pizza and Tuna Cones. Each dish showcases Puck’s culinary expertise and innovative flair, utilizing local ingredients to create flavors that delight the senses.

Dining at Spago is a true indulgence for the senses. Impeccable service ensures that every need is met with grace and precision, while an extensive wine selection offers the perfect accompaniment to your meal. Whether you’re savoring a leisurely cocktail or enjoying a romantic dinner under the stars, the experience at Spago is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Come experience the fusion of culinary excellence and natural beauty at Spago, where every bite is a taste of inspiration from one of the world’s most celebrated chefs.


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