Cloud Nine Cafe

Is your appetite as big as the GeO-Deck view? Enjoy casual lunch or refreshments under a digital canopy that displays stylized sky imagery in the Cloud Nine Café, one level above the GeO-Deck.

Cloud Nine Cafe Listing Image

Nasher Cafe

Have lunch at the Nasher Cafe in the Nasher Sculpture Center for delicious seasonal sandwiches, salads and soups prepared with farmer's market produce, artisanal breads and locally-supplied ingredients.



Urban Café & Bar with Modern, Seasonal Cuisine.  5th Avenue Entrance inside Museum of Pop Culture, Level 1 – Seattle Center

Cafe at the End of the Universe

The Cafe at the End of the Universe at Griffith Observatory allows for a great meal with a spectacular view.  Surrounded by beautiful hill side views and the world famous Hollywood sign, the Cafe has both indoor and outdoor terrace seating.  Enjoy a delicious meal and free entry into the Griffith Observatory!