Franchise FAQ's

What does it take to become a Wolfgang Puck franchise partner?

  1. Complete the Preliminary Franchise Application.
  2. A Wolfgang Puck Express Licensing, LLC (WPEL) representative will contact you for a phone interview if we determine an interest in your application.
  3. You will receive a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), sign a Confidentiality Agreement and complete the Franchise Application.
  4. A personal interview will be arranged with representatives of WPEL at our corporate office in Los Angeles.
  5. Execute an Area Development Agreement with payment of non-refundable territory fees.

What can I expect from WPEL?

We will provide franchisees with the necessary training, information and materials required to locate, build and operate a Wolfgang Puck casual restaurant in their market.


What type of training will you provide?

WPEL provides a comprehensive five-week training program in one of our certified training restaurants. We also provide an on-site opening team one week prior and two weeks after the opening of your first restaurant, which includes qualified station trainers and supervisors.


How long does it take to open a Wolfgang Puck casual restaurant?

Typically three to six months from the start of construction to opening.


What is the difference between an Express and Bistro restaurant?

We strive to accommodate our guest's lifestyle. At Wolfgang Puck Express, guests order at the counter and a team member brings the fresh, made-to-order food to the table, or the guests can use our "Puck-To-Go" service for takeout. Our Bistro locations offer enhanced menu, wine and beer selections, and full table service during selected hours. full table service during selected hours.


What are the franchise fees?

The franchisee is required to pay $35,000 for the first restaurant and $25,000 per restaurant thereafter. In addition, a non-refundable exclusive territory fee ranging from $20,000 to $40,000 per restaurant is due upon the execution of the Area Development Agreement.


Do you have company owned stores?

Yes. We currently have company-owned stores in cities on the East and West coasts.


What is the WPEL royalty fee?

The royalty fee is currently five percent of gross sales.


What is the advertising contribution fee percentage?

We do not currently collect an advertising contribution fee, but reserve the right to collect one percent of sales for an advertising fund established by the franchisor.


What is the average size of an Express or Bistro restaurant?

2,500–3,000 square-feet.


What is the length of the Franchisee Agreement?

The initial term is 10 years and there is an option to renew for two additional terms of five years each.