Are children allowed?

Children are welcome at all of our restaurants. We will provide highchairs on request. Please advise the restaurant if you have special seating needs for your child.

Do any of the restaurants have take-out or delivery?

Yes, Wolfgang Puck Bistro, Wolfgang Puck Cafes and Wolfgang Puck Express offer take-out, as do many of our fine dining locations. At Wolfgang Puck Bistro restaurants, you can utilize our online ordering service and we'll have it ready when you arrive. Many Express restaurants work with local delivery services. Wolfgang Puck Catering offers full-service or drop-off catering in major markets across the country.

What if I'm vegetarian, vegan or have special dietary needs? Can You Accommodate Me?

All of our locations can accommodate special diets. If you require specially prepared foods for allergy or dietary reasons, please let the restaurant or catering manager know in advance of your reservation. Most of the time, our talented chefs can make menu items that are salt-free, garlic-free, vegetarian, etc. Some of our locations offer certified kosher menus. Communicate with our team about dietary restrictions; they are experienced in recommending dishes and are familiar with menu ingredients.

How can I get one of Wolfgang's cookbooks and have him autograph it?

Wolfgang is happy to sign autographs in the restaurant if he's there when you visit. Ask your server to arrange for him to stop by your table. If you would like to purchase a book from, click here.

How can I arrange to meet Wolfgang in person at one of his restaurants?

If Wolfgang is present when you are dining in one of our restaurants, he regularly stops by every table to say hello to his guests. You may also ask one of the restaurant's managers to request that he stop by your table and he will be happy to meet your party as his time and schedule permits.

Will I see celebrities if I go to a Wolfgang puck restaurant? Can I ask for autographs?

Wolfgang Puck restaurants are famed for their celebrity clientele but there is no guarantee that one will be dining at any particular time. It is our policy to respect the privacy of all of our guests when dining so we request that you do not ask for autographs or take pictures of celebrities in the restaurant.

What is Wolfgang's involvement in each of his companies? Does he really create the menus?

Wolfgang has a presence at all of his locations and is an integral part of all menu concepts and design; he loves to cook almost every day! He is respected for cultivating talented and professionally trained executive chefs who can showcase their innovation and skills in conjunction with Wolfgang's culinary influence and style.

What is the dress code at your restaurants?

Our guests come nicely dressed in sportswear or casual clothing. You'll notice somewhat dressier attire at the fine dining restaurants although jackets and ties are not required at any of our restaurants.

How much in advance to I need to make a reservation at your restaurants?

We recommend booking your reservation 2-4 weeks in advance for our fine dining restaurants, or even more if it's for a special occasion. At some of our more seasonal restaurants, such as Spago at the Four Seasons Resort Maui, vacation times are much busier and should be planned even further ahead. The most popular time slots (7 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.) are booked quickly; therefore, it's often easier to book a reservation with short notice if your party is able accept an early or late reservation. If you prefer to be more spontaneous when planning your dinner reservations, it's a good idea is to call the same day in the late morning or early afternoon. Sometimes there are cancellations and you might be able to be worked in by the reservationist. Most of our Wolfgang Puck Bistros and Cafés do not take reservations, unless it's for a large party, so you can just drop in and be seated with no more than a short wait.

Do the Wolfgang puck companies accept internships? How do I apply?

Each location has its own policy. Please contact each location separately and be prepared to send a resume outlining your education, work experience and background.

How do I request a monetary or food donation to my charity event?

Please send a letter of request to the Wolfgang Puck business location in your community.

I am interested in investing in Wolfgang's companies. Whom do I contact?

Please send all correspondence to If you are interested in becoming a Wolfgang Puck Express franchisee please complete the form below.

How can I find out about upcoming events or new locations?

Visit our Press Room and/or Meet Wolfgang sections of the Web site that lists many of our activities, including Wolfgang's appearances on television, Home Shopping Network, local cooking classes, holiday celebrations, restaurant openings and latest news coverage.

How can I get on the contact/mailing list for news & events?

You can be part of our national mailing list by joining our Guest Registry click here.

Whom do I contact to make a complaint about a dining experience?

Please send all correspondence to the general manager of the location, or you can send correspondence to:

How do I get Wolfgang to personally cater my event? Who do I contact?

Contact Wolfgang Puck Catering & Events and provide us with the details of your event.

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